Book Genre Stigma 

When it comes to where we should place our novels among the vast amounts of genres, we suddenly come to a standstill. The pressure to fit our prized possessions neatly inside the genre boxes can cause such a stir within an author. For an author to categorize and break down where their novel would fit best, is like telling them you have to write a particular structured way. If you stray from the norm, your novel loses momentum due to its multi-genre effect. Genres have been structured so particular, that even if you believe it should be placed in a specific genre, society tells you otherwise. Why have the genre categories not grown with the demand? Why are we still under such regimentally structured rules?
Out of all the genres, romance has the most controversy of whether or not to claim a book as romance. Though you have to realize, we live in the year 2016 where life and love has completely changed. One of the biggest structuring rules is if your novel does not end with an HEA it cannot be classified as a romance. Love is complicated, simple as that. Where do we place our romance novels that don’t end in HEA but have every other aspect of ‘romance?’
Novel writing has developed into writing from the heart, which means anything could happen in that story. These days, it’s the norm to have a multi-genre novel, but society has not changed its rules to support the demand. It is not right to tell an author their book does not fit into a genre just because it doesn’t add up to X-Y-Z. Every reader and authors vision of a book genre differs. We all see these genres in a different light, just as we see every story in a different light.



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