BEAUTY BENEATH (coming 2017)

GENRE: Young Adult


RELEASES: Jan 2017



Seventeen-year-old Cheyanne Myers has seen it all in her short life span—bullying, rocky family dynamics and relationships, and mental health issues. She is at her breaking point—feeling she doesn’t fit in anywhere, and the world she lives in is crashing down around her with each passing day.

When two past relationships intertwine with her present life, resurfacing old feelings, heartache, and pain; will Cheyanne be able to forgive her past enough for her to move forward, or will she crumble under the pressure of holding grudges?

The journey of Cheyanne is more than forgiving—it’s about self-discovery and coming to terms with who she is as a person, which will affect those around her from her past and present.

Can Cheyanne love herself, forgive her past, and discover the woman she is?

Beauty Beneath_teaser 1